Sheep Casings are the highest quality small diameter casings used for finest in sausages such as Bockwurst, Frankfurters and Port Sausage. These casings combine tenderness with sufficient strength to with stand the filling, cooking, and smoking operations.

Naturally the best!

Natural casings have the advantages of traditional appearance, traditional texture and cooking performance that is expected of sausage. A few disadvantages are noted as decreased machinability, reduced uniform weight or length, and cost. Natural casings are produced from the intestines of cattle, and sheep.

All-natural sausage skins

We believe that preparing natural casings for our customers in the sausage industry is a craft. As a partner, we strive to improve our customer’s products everyday by supplying them with the most suitable natural casing and advising them how to process it in an optimal way.

Our sheep casings are of the highest quality. Casing is prepared on hygienic methods as a results original taste remains long and consumer can get healthy food. These casings are combining the smoothness of the casing with its strength during the filling process. Color of the casings depends on their origins and varies from white to gray, but the color doesn’t affect quality of casings. We may offer to our customers best sheep casings from Pakistan,Afghanistan UAE and some other parts of country.

Sheep Casing Packing

Natural Beef Casings

Natural Sheep Casings

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