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About Us

Bhutta international Traders, the family owned business established in 1960, by the legendary of two brothers Mr. Imam bux Bhutta & Mr. Bashir Ahmad Bhutta. They are known as a pride of the sheep casing business. They were expert for cutting and selection of sheep & goat runners.

Mr. Bashir Ahmad bhutta (late) wants to introduce Bhutta international Traders to the Globe, and he was the person that introduced Bhutta international first time to the Europe in 1967. His slogan was (QUALITY, COMMITMENT, ACCURACY and HONESTY) and these 4 points were the base of Bhutta International Traders.

In 1992 Mr. Ramzan Bhutta (chief executive) son of Bashir Ahmed Bhutta join the Business and bring advancements in the business. He emphasis his father's 4 points and with new enthusiastic spirit he visited Europe many times and build a new relationships with the European Union. He is currently vice president of Multan sheep casing association & serving the sheep casing industry from the core of his heart.

His son Mr. Imran Bhutta has joined the Bhutta International Traders in 2008. He is the person that has fulfilled his grandfather’s dream & introduced the BHUTTA INTERNATIONAL TRADERS to All over the world. He is currently Managing Director and his efforts are appreciate-able for providing the best Quality to his customers.

Mr. Farhan Bhutta has joined the Bhutta International Traders in 2011. He is serving Bhutta International as an International Relationship officer. He is running business in Michigan, USA and maintaining relationship between the countries.

About Us